F2P True Trim

A collection of all completable content in F2P based on organization presented in Dxnxex7’s True Trim Spreadsheet.

Max Experience

  • 200m Attack
  • 200m Strength
  • 200m Defence
  • 200m Ranged
  • 200m Prayer
  • 200m Magic
  • 200m Runecrafting
  • 200m Dungeoneering
  • 200m Constitution
  • 200m Crafting
  • 200m Mining
  • 200m Smithing
  • 200m Fishing
  • 200m Cooking
  • 200m Firemaking
  • 200m Woodcutting
  • 200m Fletching


Completionist Cape

  • Achieved maximum level for all skills.
  • Completed all Quests.
  • Completed all Tasks.
  • You must have unlocked all music tracks.
  • You must have fully completed the Stronghold of Player Safety.
  • You must have fully completed the Stronghold of Security.
  • You must have completed all the unabridged Fremennik Sagas.

Trimmed Completionist Cape

  • Unlock the 'Scroll of Efficiency' trait.
  • Unlock the 'Scroll of Dexterity' trait.
  • Unlock all rewards from the Artisans' Workshop.

Master Quest Cape

  • Complete the Sheep Shearer miniquest.
  • Complete the Witch’s Potion miniquest.
  • Complete the Purple Cat miniquest.
  • Found Chronicles of Bilrach 1-18.
  • Found Kal'Gerion notes 1-3.
  • Found Stalker notes 1-3.
  • Found Behemoth Notes 1-3.
  • Found Marmaros and Thok letters 1-6.
  • Found Misc. Dungeoneering Journals 1-9.
  • Claimed Ancient Bones from Father Aereck post-The Restless Ghost.
  • Unlocked Dulcin armour post-Death of Chivalry.
  • Opened coffins and looted the supply crate post-Death of Chivalry.
  • Unlocked the secret door between Crandor and Karamja.
  • Claimed the extra rewards from Cook post-Cook's Assistant.
  • Claimed the extra rewards from Professor Oddenstein post-Ernest the Chicken.
  • Claimed 1,940 coins from Fred the Farmer post-Sheep Shearer miniquest.
  • Claimed the XP from the cave paintings and claimed 5,000 coins from Explorer Jack in the Land of Snow.
  • Handed in the demon statuettes post-The Blood Pact.
  • Completed 5 supply runs post-Death Plateau.
  • Engraved all of Dororan's jewelry.
  • Claimed all treasure from the chests during, or from Gudrik after, Shadow over Ashdale.
  • Claimed the post-quest rewards from all three Gower Brothers after Gower Quest.
  • Unlocked the Tim and Crunchy pets during, or after Gower Quest.
  • Find and read the Last Riders Book, dropped by the King Black Dragon.
  • Claimed all rewards from the statue of Death post-Missing, Presumed Death.
  • Claimed the extra Constitution XP post-Song from the Depths.


Combat/Solo PvM

  • Allow the Chaos Elemental to unqeuip something you’re wearing (5/5).
  • Loyal Subject.

Combat/Boss Kills

  • Defeat the Giant Mole (100/100).
  • Defeat the Giant Mole in Hard mode. (100/100).
  • Defeat the Chaos Elemental (100/100).
  • Defeat the King Black Dragon (100/100).
  • Kill a total number of bosses. (5,000/5,000).


  • Try to find out which is the mightiest tree in the forest.

True Trim

Shops and Interfaces

  • Complete the overworld and Dungeoneering tool belts.
  • Unlock all Lodestones.
  • Unlock all Emotes from Iffie's Random Costume Shop.
  • Complete all Burthorpe/Taverley Divination tasks.
  • Unlock the ability to toggle all Doomsayer warnings.
  • Unlock the ability to redirect the Wizard’s Tower Runespan portal.
  • Unlock the ability to quickly Home Teleport in Dungeoneering.

Other Unlocks and Completables

  • Enter all Dungeoneering resource dungeons.
  • Obtain the ceremonial sword bonus XP rewards.
  • Unlock the Cape of Validation and the title 'The Real'.
  • Unlock the Cremation ability.
  • Unlock the Cornucopia.
  • Complete the Nexus.
  • Complete the Combat Academy.
  • Complete Benedict's World Tour miniquest.
  • Unlock the Pitchforks of Justice and Vigilantism.
  • Obtain all three goblin mails from crates in Goblin Village.
  • Exhaust the silver ore rock in the Al Kharid mining site.
  • Obtain the XP Lamps from JMod Event Cards.
  • Claim the Bonus Experience from the Gofannon Amulet after What’s Mine Is Yours.
  • Unlock the cat training medal from Gertrude by killing 100 rats (included in Complete all Tasks.)

One-time Dialogues

  • Mr Ex - Unlock the ability to quickly skull.
  • Nastroth - Choose whether or not to reset your skills.
  • Action Bar - Unlock the ability to quickly setup.
  • Grand Exchange - Unlock the ability to use the Grand Exchange.
  • DG Tutor - Never receive dialogue concerning outfit appearance inside dungeons.
  • Ozan - Help him escape punishment outside the Varrock Castle.
  • Owen - Talk to him in the Falador Park.
  • Signature Heroes - Talk to them before they delve into the depths of Daemonheim.
  • Major Mary Rancour - Obtain free teleports and potions.
  • Monastery - Join the Edgeville Monastery.
  • One Piercing Note - Encourage Sister Cecilia to either stay or leave the Abbey.


  • Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza - Unlock all abilities.


  • Unlock the titles 'the Charitable' and 'the Billionaire'.
  • Unlock the 'Jack of Trades' title.
  • Unlock the title ‘the Totally Quackers’.
  • Unlock the titles 'the Forlorn' and 'the Scrumptious'.
  • Unlock the titles 'the Real MVP' and 'the Real Struggle'.

Skilling Pets

  • Ramsay
  • Gemi
  • Gordie
  • Bubbles
  • Bernie
  • Rocky
  • Rue
  • Smithy
  • Woody
  • Flo

Boss Pets

  • Ellie
  • Molly
  • King Black Dragonling


Minigames and D&Ds

  • The Great Orb Project - Purchase all normal runecrafting robes and all talisman staves.
  • Fist of Guthix - Purchase all skilling gloves and combat gear, including charged versions.


  • Baby Troll
  • Pet Dog
  • Pet Cat

Semi-Completables and Caps

  • Artisans Workshop - Stored 4,000 Iron and 8,000 Coal and have 100% Respect.
  • Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza - Obtained 4,000 renown.
  • Fish Flingers - Found 15 entry tickets while Fishing.
  • Farming - Filled the compost bins, maxed storage with Tool Leprechauns, and planted the best crops.
  • Slayer - Obtained 1,000 Co-op Slayer Points.
  • Divination - Obtained 30 chronicle fragments.
  • Misc. - Filled the flour bins in each mill.

Other Items

  • Purchase the ornate gravestone.
  • Obtain the full Ghost Hunter equipment.
  • Achieve tier 6 Duelists’ cap.
  • Achieve tier 6 Wilderness Helmet.
  • Obtain Mod Dolan's Rubber Ducky.
  • Obtain Mod Daze's Homework.
  • Create a Skull Sceptre.
  • Assemble the Mask of Dragith Nurn.
  • Obtain a Seedicide.
  • Unlock the Veteran Cape (5 year).
  • Unlock the Veteran Cape (10 year).
  • Unlock the Veteran Cape (15 year).


  • Fully Upgraded the Spring Cleaner.
  • Fully Upgraded the Mask of Broken Fingers.
  • Unlocked all Rare Item Token rewards.
  • Bought all non-time-limited items from Solomon’s General Store.
  • Bought all tradeable tokens from the Grand Exchange.